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Ensuring compliance, governance, and trust throughout the data collection process with Nimble Labs AI Technology.

Compliance by design with AI Browser crawling

End-to-end governance and trust observability

24/7 compliance monitoring by Nimble Labs experts

Compliance by Design

Safeguarding compliant data collection with patented AI Browser crawling technology

Compliance by Design

Nimble leverages patented technology and functions like a search engine crawler. The stand-out feature of Nimble's browser is its ability to execute complex JavaScript, enabling real-time data extraction. This advanced functionality ensures that Nimble operates within the bounds of compliance, akin to recognized industry standards.

Terms and Regulations Crawling

Nimble's AI Browser learns the terms of use of web data sources using AI algorithms. With this, it can identify specific stipulations for AI versus BI applications and align with local regulations relevant to the customer. This proactive approach informs customers about their data usage's legal and ethical considerations, ensuring compliance and fostering transparency.

CAPTCHA Avoidance

Nimble's infrastructure is engineered to intelligently navigate and extract data without the need for CAPTCHA interactions, adhering to best practices and compliance norms.

IP Address Handling

Nimble uses a transparent approach to IP management, avoiding using residential IPs for misrepresentation. Our residential IP features include a headers mechanism, allowing website operators to communicate directly with Nimble if they restrict data collection, ensuring respect for website policies and compliance with legal standards.

Ongoing Monitoring

Nimble Labs experts continuously monitor and adapt our compliance strategies in response to changing regulations and client feedback, maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of our solutions.

Ethical & Transparent IP Sourcing

At Nimble, we ensure that all of our IP addresses are ethically sourced, undergoing an external legal confirmation audit and detailed reporting. We are proud participants in the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative, reflecting our commitment to transparency and compliance with stringent data privacy regulations.

Compliance & Certifications

Nimble is at the forefront of compliant and ethical web data collection.
Our approach is rooted in building compliant products by design and using AI to ensure comprehensive governance and trust.


Trust Center FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding compliance, governance, and trust.

Who does the privacy policy apply?


Nimble’s privacy policy applies to anyone who interacts with our services, including companies, customers, users, and visitors to our website, and platform. This includes individuals who purchase our products or services, sign up for our newsletters or any other communications, or otherwise engage with our platform. Nimble’s privacy policy also applies to any personal information collected by Nimble from these individuals, regardless of where they are located worldwide.

Does Nimble collect or otherwise processes personal information?


Nimble provides services and technologies to companies and, therefore, does not directly or intentionally process personal information.

Is the Nimble platform a data controller or data processor?


Nimble functions primarily as a data processor. We process data on behalf of our customers, who act as data controllers. Our role involves managing data as per the instructions provided by our customers and in accordance with legal requirements, ensuring that our customers can effectively fulfill their responsibilities as data controllers. Our privacy policy covers the scenarios in which we function as a data controller.

Is Nimble's platform compliant with leading US data protection legislation?


Nimble is compliant with leading US data protection laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and others as applicable. We continuously monitor and update our compliance programs to adhere to legislative updates and industry standards across the territories we operate in.

Does Nimble have a data processing agreement (DPA)?


Nimble offers a robust Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that outlines the privacy, confidentiality, and security measures we undertake to protect data and comply with applicable data protection laws. This DPA is a binding agreement that is part of our commitment to transparency and accountability in data processing activities.

What are the technical and organizational controls implemented by Nimble as part of its compliance frameworks?


Nimble has implemented comprehensive technical and organizational controls to support our compliance frameworks. These include, but are not limited to, secure data encryption in transit, regular assessments, tests and audits, strict access controls and authentication mechanisms, and ongoing data protection training for our employees. These measures are designed to safeguard data integrity, confidentiality, and availability across all operations.

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